Born and raised and residing in Minneapolis,Minnesota. His Musical influences are Donn Thomas , Larnell Harris, Daryl Coley, Peabo Bryson, Howard Hewitt, Tony Bennet , Nat King Cole, Bobby Caldwell, Kevon Edmonds, Frank Sinatra, Bruno Mars, Calvin Richardson, Eddie Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Gary Oliver. I would consider myself a crooner. It's easier to sing that way. The vocalist that have influenced me are singers that have longevity in their careers and their voices. 

I began singing at the age of 12, in a junior church choir in Minnesota. At the time singing was not at the top of my list of priorities until I heard this particular man sing. A man who to this day is my mentor Recording Artist Donn Thomas for Myrr Records and Maranatha Music. The Lord allowed me to spend time with him. The Advice he gave and still gives me is never compromise your talent. Make sure people know who you are singing about. 

In 1990, I signed with Cool Waters Records, It was my first experience in the studio. I released a single called "Nothingless" it was a requested song on the local radio it open the door for me to become an opening artist for Harmony Recording Artist Angelo and Veronica, Reunion Recording Artist Mike E. I was singing everywhere in Minneapolis as a featured Artist at the Bobby Jones Gospel Workshop. I was singing at all the outdoor concerts different churches etc. 

But something was wrong. I realized I wasn't singing to touch peoples lives, but singing to be popular, rich and famous. I started to compromise my talent, writing songs that had no mention of God in them. I wasn't listening to my wife when she told me God was not being put first in my life. Thus the single had limited success. The final album project was scratched and my heart was broken. I stopped singing for about 5 years. I asked the Lord that if he ever gave me another opportunity, I would be determined to let him use me. The Lord began to move in my life again. He placed my family in a church, and me in the choir were I sang for seven years. The opportunity for me to record came again with JerrVals Records. A record company that believed in me. This time my focus is saving souls for God, by singing with compassion and letting the anointing flow through. And that's what you'll hear on my 8th Project "Cost of Living." May God bless you.